DC proud to partner with AABC

The movement is growing… very proud to announce the American Amateur Baseball Congress as a national partner in coaching development and online instruction.


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AABC & Dugout Captain Partner to Provide Online Instruction & Practice Planning Tools

FARMINGTON, New Mexico (May. 8, 2017) – American Amateur Baseball Congress and Dugout Captain, Inc. today announced a multi-year partnership agreement that will make Dugout Captain, Inc. the Official Practice Planning Tool and Coaching Resource of the AABC.

“Coach’s training and preparation is something the AABC takes very seriously,” said Richard Neely, President. “We are proud to partner with Dugout Captain, a trailblazer in providing online coaching support tools. With shared goals of improving the quality of play and making baseball fun again, Dugout Captain has the expertise and leadership integrity to make an impact together with the AABC.”

“Dugout Captain believes the game of baseball provides unique development opportunities in three major areas: physical, mental, and character-based,” stated Dan Keller, Dugout Captain President and CEO. “The shared goal of Dugout Captain and AABC league presidents, coaches, and member families, is the positive development of community youth as athletes and individuals. We want to build the best ball-players, while developing the finest people!”

Dugout Captain’s proprietary online tools include an athlete-development curriculum, ready-made practice plans, drill-video library, and a digital-clipboard to build, save, and share practice and training plans. The revolutionary combination of instructional content and a patent-protected Digital Clipboard provides a unique and exciting way to take material and apply it on the field! Practice plans can be quickly built or borrowed, and then shared with assistant coaches and team-member families. These interactive plans are loaded with your drill videos, descriptions, and diagrams to involve all members of a team. 

  • Coaches – Dugout Captain ensures that every coach can run a great practice.  One that is structured, entertaining, and efficient. One that provides volunteer coaches the opportunity to teach, the material to follow, and the tricks, tips, and suggestions to make their valuable time spent coaching more fulfilling.
  • Parents – Dugout Captain involves team parents.  Practice Plans, shared via email, are “interactive,” meaning parents can click into included drills to watch videos and view diagrams.  Homework is now realistic as families understand what’s being covered that day at practice and can work on skills at home.  Families can even receive individualized skill-training or fix-it plans from DC Learn and Coach members.
  • Athletes – Dugout Captain ensures that every athlete has a smile on their face.  Coach’s practices provide each athlete with adequate instruction, repetition, and fun… filled with drills that have been built upon the principles of efficiency, effectiveness, and positive competition.  While no one can guarantee athletic development, Dugout Captain significantly increases the chances of athlete improvement.  DC practice plan programming ensures that athletes are exposed to critical goal objectives.  All this is done while raising the likelihood that the same athlete will return to play another season.
  • League – Dugout Captain league partnerships ensure a high level of integrity, excellence, and commitment to development of the individual.  When competition heats up and schedules get busy, the league’s philosophy and core values are not shoved into the corner.  Coaches are held accountable to AABC principles of positive development and coaching excellence, and done so with a tool that supports them in that challenge!

Dugout Captain is committed to creating a positive, fun, and developmental environment for young athletes. The company offers multiple levels of memberships for coaches, parents, and fans. With ready-made practice plans for teams as well as training-plans and fix-it suggestions for individuals, Dugout Captain ensures that athletes experience an enjoyable and effective workout, with fun, competitive, and exciting drills. “I’m very excited to partner with Dugout Captain and look forward to enhancing the AABC experience for all,” concluded Neely.


American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC) strives to enlarge and advance the scope of amateur baseball by stimulating interest and competition and to provide a sound, experienced organization to assist and educate local groups in obtaining the maximum health and citizenship values. Based in Farmington, New Mexico, the AABC has been organizing amateur baseball since it was founded in Chicago in March 1935. Its first national tournament was held in Dayton, Ohio in September that year, when only 10 states were a part of the organization. Today, 240,000 plus players from 42 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada play in the AABC. Approximately 112,000 of them are in their teen, making it one of the largest amateur baseball organizations in the United States for players in that age range


Dugout Captain, Inc. is a web-based coach’s tool aimed at putting smiles on kids faces through a more positive baseball experience. The mission at Dugout Captain is to make practice fun, retain and grow participation numbers, and thus provide young men and women the opportunity to learn valuable life skills through positive competition. DugoutCaptain.com offers a sleek, digital clipboard tool with share-technology, allowing coaches and parents to learn, use, and apply a proprietary knowledge base of baseball content. Drill videos, coaching tips, skill-training, and a full library of prepared practice plans are provided along with clipboard tool to assist ANY coach in effectively teaching the game.  Dugout Captain provides (and practice plans follow) a complete athlete-development curriculum aimed at making baseball fun again for athletes, as well as the coaches and parents involved in their development. Additionally, Dugout Captain provides skill-training protocol to teach hitting, pitching, fielding and catching mechanics, and a database of support tips.

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