About Us

About Dugout Captain

Who We Are…

Dugout Captain is a online baseball resource, with drill videos, skill-training lessons, and practice plans available to assist baseball parents and coaches to help kids. Dugout Captain’s virtual clipboard helps to quickly create fun, exciting, and effective workout plans. Parents can find a helpful drill, add to a training plan, and share with their athlete. Coaches can quickly and easily learn about, create, and store practice plans. Choose a ready-made Dugout Captain practice template, or build your own. And with Dugout Captain’s share-features, users can send plans to player families and assistant coaches to provide guidance for the day’s activities. There is something for every baseball parent!

We believe that baseball is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. The sport of baseball has been losing athletes at an alarming rate for since the early 2000’s. Games aren’t the problem. Most all athletes love wearing the uniform, competing on the field, and hurrying to the snack bar afterwards. It’s practice where we lose kids, and so the  DC philosophy is to assist coaches to make practice more fun. If the the volunteer coach, dedicating his or her time, sweat, and money, is fulfilled… those kids are going to thrive!

We at Dugout Captain are passionate coaches who have swapped our ball caps for keyboards to make your baseball lives easier. We are committed to serving the baseball community by creating a company built upon ethics, integrity, and honesty. We welcome you to the DC team and invite you to start creating great practice plans today!

The Coach’s Life…

There are few things more rewarding than being a volunteer youth baseball coach. However, along with the joy and fulfillment of developing young athletes comes significant challenges. Aside from holding down a full-time job, you are tasked with recruiting assistant coaches, learning rules, buying equipment, reserving fields, and communicating to parents. Once at the field, what should be fun becomes a total nightmare: Twelve players, ten sets of parents, and two assistant coaches stare intently at you for guidance and direction: “What are doing today coach?”

Your MOST important job as a youth coach is to put together an effective and FUN practice plan… and to do so before those eyeballs are locked on you! For new coaches this can be a daunting and overwhelming task. For experienced managers, it can be time-consuming and repetitive. Many times we find ourselves falling into the same old practice rituals that we’ve done for years. Dugout Captain changes all of that!

Whether you are a first-time manager, or a seasoned coach, Dugout Captain’s practice planning tools allow you to create efficient, productive, and fresh practices quickly and easily. The videos, insights, and instructions offered at Dugout Captain are time-tested and relevant to anyone coaching youth baseball. Parents can use Dugout Captain to train baseball skills and address common challenges, quickly and efficiently. Use the “share” feature to send a training plan to a contact and transfer accountability to the athlete’s!

DC helps you to accomplish two major goals of youth baseball:

  • Athletes have fun and accomplish more. They are engaged, entertained, and occupied with the chance to truly learn.
  • Coaches have fun and accomplish more. Dugout Captain will ensure that YOU are thoroughly fulfilled along with the kids, empowered with the opportunity to TRULY TEACH! The same holds true for those assistant coaches volunteering their time along side you.

Gone are the days of being overwhelmed and frustrated at practice. Handle your manager responsibilities in 5 minutes before practice. Share your plan with assistant coaches, players, and their parents. And lose yourself to TRULY COACHING once practice begins.

About Us

We love kids, we have kids… heck, we are kids! And we love watching kids smile. Great practices create smiles on exhausted players faces. Great practices create smiles on proud parents faces. Great practices create smiles on fulfilled coaches faces. Dugout Captain makes all of this possible.

Having long been in the trenches coaching youth, running camps, and presenting at seminars, clinics, and conventions, Dan Keller realized that practice-planning is the biggest obstacle to the success of a volunteer coach. Taking on the role of both manager and coach makes for one heck of a challenge, and it quickly became clear that there was a need for a clean, sleek, and simple tool to build out a practice plan. Head Coach, and Dugout Captain CEO, Dan Keller has been coaching teams, running camps, and speaking at seminars and clinics for 16 years. Having worked with over 10,000 youth baseball coaches, it became vividly clear that practice-planning is the biggest obstacle to their success.

Whether a retired pro, or a first-time coach, practice becomes a stressful mess without a plan for the day’s activities. Dugout Captain provides the solution through a clean, sleek, and simple practice-planning tool used in conjunction with a library full of instructional videos and existing templates. This library is specific to YOU and your role as baseball coach – come experience the power of Dugout Captain as your assistant coach.