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Lets grow this movement

March 12th, 2018 by

After three years, membership at Dugout Captain is over 11K!  How amazing is that? I’m blown away while also believing …

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First game in the books

February 26th, 2018 by

Coaching your own kid is tough.  Coaching 5-year olds is tougher.  So, the fact that I’m coaching my OWN 5-year …

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8 Thoughts after 2 Practices

February 6th, 2018 by

For the mighty, mighty 5U Padres, we are officially two practices into our season. I captured my thoughts before AND …

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Drill Library

Complete access to Dugout Captain's proprietary instructional library. Created from real-life experience working with the most challenging athletes, drill details include video, text, diagram, and patented DC Keys to provide tricks and tips to save time and frustration.

Practice Plan

200+ ready-made and professionally programmed team practice plans, built with the drills from the DC Library. Each plan includes notes specific to that drills use at that practice for that age level. Plans available by age and by time length - edit a plan with the DC Clipboard to best fit your crew!

Skill Training

Coach-the-Coach lessons for training pitching, hitting, infield, and the catcher position. Provide your athlete with a plan.


The DC Athlete Development Plan provides a standardized curriculum for coaches, teams, and leagues. With bullet-point development objectives organized by age level, the curriculum is a running narrative to guide and support the volunteer coach. DC Practice Plans combine to achieve these objectives, and provide the coaching roadmap to effectively and efficiently expose the athletes to all of the goals laid out by the curriculum.


Dugout Captain's proprietary Virtual Clipboard technology (patent-pending) is the unique tool that allows users to apply instructional content to the ball field. Build or borrow a practice plan onto the clipboard, then share an interactive plan to assistant coaches and team families. Share a homework drill with a struggling team member, or use DC's Skill Training Lessons to train your own athlete in hitting, pitching, infield, or the catching position.

Coach’s training and preparation is something the AABC takes very seriously. We are proud to partner with Dugout Captain, a trailblazer in providing online coaching support tools, and share common goals of improving the quality of play and making baseball fun again. I encourage AABC League Presidents and Board Members to consider a partnership with Dugout Captain.

Richard Neely
President, American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC)

Dugout Captain provides a new and fun resource for player development and training. More importantly, DC assists Dixie Youth Baseball parents and coaches to make practicing fun, while helping to develop baseball skills, solid character traits, and championship mindsets. I encourage Dixie Youth League Presidents and Board Members to consider a partnership with Dugout Captain.

Wes Skelton
Commissioner, Dixie Youth Baseball

One of the things we haven’t done a very good job of is providing education tools to our coaches. I encourage PONY League Presidents and Board Members to consider a partnership with Dugout Captain. The tools, resources, & training available, along with the passion & leadership at DC, is sorely needed.

Abe Key
President and CEO PONY Baseball and Softball


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