Best Drill from Summer Camp 2019

Just wrapped Summer Camp 2019 on Friday. Was walking camp, assisting and helping the coaches when I stumbled upon this great drill adaptation going down in Coach JT and Coach Spencer’s Group #5 (forgive the wide angle shot – I’m a baseball coach):

Best part about this drill is the fact that my itinerary said something to the extent of: “Agility ladder footwork into ground ball work.” These great coaches thought outside of the box to combine movements and finish with a competitive drill that involved multiple facets of baseball.

Notice the two athletes tart lying down on their bellies. Then, they explode up and zig-zag through barriers. After catching a pop-up, they dump the ball into the bucket and move to part #2. They work through an agility ladder before fielding a ground ball and firing to the catch net.

Coach’s Note: Notice the cymbal hanging in the catch net for a potential bonus point. Credit for that one goes to Coach Cass with the SouthBayBruins. For those in Los Angeles, “Captain” Cass runs the best baseball camp in the area! #FEARTHEGONG


Another great video!  This is the battle-tested, never-gets-old, crowd favorite we use for Friday’s at Summer Camp:  Water Balloon Batting Practice.  Nothing like blasting a water balloon to shreds. Just be sure to pick up the pieces.


And the best for last! An epic headfirst dive with clean execution of the tennis ball challenge. Notice the contrast between athletes on left and right, who first “go to a knee” when diving. That dude in the middle gets it right:

  1. Full speed sprint
  2. Commitment to the dive. Sell out!
  3. Kick feet up and out superman-style to get knees out of the way.
  4. Hands… belly… legs… land in that order!

Turn the sound up. We get excited and the coach’s yelling sounds like mooing cows. 🙂

Practicin’ what we preach, PLAYIN’ HARD & HAVIN’ FUN!


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