90 Minutes

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sherwood park
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Early Activity Wiffle Circle stopwatch 3:45-4:00 timer 15 Minutes
Wiffle Circle is an Early Activity drill that can be run during the 15-minutes prior to practice start time.  It can also be ran as a pre-game drill...Read More
notes Notes:
2-3 batters, 2-6 swings, fielders keep helmets/batting gloves on
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Baseball Basics
stopwatch 4:00-4:10 timer 10 Minutes
Team/Parent/Coach meeting - introductions, equipment (what to bring and where to put it), attire, practice structure, rules, etiquette, discipline
Warm Up Obstacle Course stopwatch 4:10-4:20 timer 10 Minutes
Obstacle Course is a Warm Up drill is designed for fun.  Run this early in the season to help break the ice and get kids to loosen up and smile.  The...Read More
notes Notes:
2-3 groups, 3 cones, bear crawls, side shuffles, 2 leg hops to skips, 5 dizzy bat spins, sprint back to start line, high 5 starts next runner
Throwing No Partner Throwing #2 stopwatch 4:20-4:30 timer 10 Minutes
No Partner Throwing is designed for the youngest players and run early in the season.  The set up and structure allow for safety as athletes will throw...Read More
notes Notes:
2-3 groups, set up net as target, progressively move back, focus on legs
Quick Defense Catch & Pop stopwatch 4:30-4:40 timer 10 Minutes
Catch & Pop is a Quick Defense drill to drill the athletic movement of an infielder catching and getting rid of the ball. This movement is used all...Read More
notes Notes:
Athlete receives the baseball, “pops” feet to throwing / power position, and then tosses ball back and and resets to receiving stance (feet outside shoulder, knees bent, glove up – thumbs together). Each athlete receives four Catch & Pop tosses, then rotates. Go through line 3-4 times.
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
90 Minutes
stopwatch 4:45-5:00 timer 15 Minutes
1.) stance 2.) stride and load 3.) contact, palm up/down, head on contact 4.) finish, balance "use body to move ball"
How To Coach: Hitting #1
stopwatch 5:00-5:15 timer 15 Minutes
"legs 1st", start- feet close, step/stride - athletic base, push test- check stability of loaded position, swing/finish - swing strong, and hold finish
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Baserunning Home to First stopwatch 5:20-5:30 timer 10 Minutes
Home-to-First coaches the correct way to run through the first base bag.  As part of Baserunning or Conditioning, this drill can be run near the end...Read More
notes Notes:
place cones past 1st and have players run hard through 1st and cones. front of bag, either foot, break down, look right
Finish Work Hard / Life Lesson stopwatch 5:30-5:35 timer 5 Minutes
Work Hard It’s Hard Work to Work Hard There are many quotes, cliches, and stereotypes associated with hard work. With my Dad being from the Midwest and...Read More
notes Notes: