14U – 120 Mins #10

Team Name
14U – 120 Mins #10
Start Time
04:00 PM
End Time
06:00 PM
Early Activity Home Run Derby stopwatch - timer 15 Minutes
A fun Hitting Station or Early Activity Drill, Home Run Derby brings out coach's inner Chris Berman - back, back, back, back... GONE!  Designed to be...Read More
notes Notes:
Change up the venue. Is there a big backstop available?
Warm Up Dyn Warm Up 14U #1 stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
~ SEE "EXECUTION KEYS" BELOW FOR AGE-SPECIFIC SUGGESTION LIST ~ The Dynamic Warm Up is today's warm up routine.  Gone are the days of standing in a...Read More
notes Notes:
Age-specific suggestions included in Execution Keys
Early Baserunning Tagging Up stopwatch - timer 5 Minutes
DC recommends running Tagging Up during Early Baserunning.  Use final 4-6 sprints and review tagging up fundamentals. EXECUTION - First athlete jogs...Read More
notes Notes:
Knees bend and body gets low with the falling fly ball.
Throw Quick Catch Competition stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
Quick Catch Competition is an execution drill to finish the throwing segment.  It helps to train throwing accuracy, baseball athleticism (hands working...Read More
notes Notes:
START: Long Toss / FINISH: Quick Catch Competition
Quick Defense Backhand Flips stopwatch - timer 5 Minutes
Backhand Flips is a great drill to run during Quick Defense.  Before using an backhand flip during Station Instruction, running Backhand Flips as a Quick...Read More
notes Notes:
BOTH: SS Darts & Backhand Flips
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Pickoff Party
stopwatch - timer 15 Minutes
Picks to 1B / 2B / 3B & Balls in dirt to catcher's
Short Hop Gauntlet
stopwatch - timer 15 Minutes
Partner reps... then coach leads competition.
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
BP Reps: Wiffle Ball
stopwatch - timer 15 Minutes
No Goals Competition
stopwatch - timer 15 Minutes
Fun way to teach line drives and ground balls.
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Baserunning Leads & Breaks – Catcher Throws stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
Leads & Breaks - Catcher Throws is run at the end of practice during the Baserunning segment.  It involves sprint work infused with leadoff fundamentals,...Read More
notes Notes:
LIVE ON FIELD: Catchers in full gear making throws to middle infielder.
Mental / Finish Ground Ball Competition stopwatch - timer 5 Minutes
Ground Ball Competition is a fun infield drill designed to for repetitions and competition. The desired instruction or execution requirements can be enforced...Read More
notes Notes:
Allow verbal chatter (positive only). Life Lesson topic is FOCUS, so tune out opposition.
PITCH & CATCH How To Coach: Pitching #4 stopwatch - timer 0 Minutes
How to Coach: Pitching #4 is the fourth lesson in Dugout Captain's series designed to teach pitching.  This segment works to take the rules learned...Read More
notes Notes:
Review all #'s. Focus: Distance, Direction, 1-2-1-3 // 40-pitch pens (longest before games)

"Lock in! Watch, listen, think... right here, right now."

– Dan Keller (Dugout Captain)


  •  Understand the why and how behind each drill at practice.
  •  Hear, don’t just listen
  •  Focus Reset Button for competition: Routine to follow when focus has slipped.