02/27/21 Indoor Practice #9

Team Name
14U Tomahawks
Foster's Sports Barn
Start Time
End Time
Grounders Ground Ball Reps – No Throw and Flip stopwatch 0:45-1:00 timer 15 Minutes
Ground Ball Reps - No Throw + Flip is an infield drill used during Station Instruction or as an Early Activity.  One coach can easily entertain an entire...Read More
notes Notes:
2 lines. Field and put in bucket. No throwing. 1 point for fielding cleanly. -2 points for not. First team to 10 points wins. 1 Coach hit. Other set up for practice.
Warm Up Dyn Warm Up 14U #1 stopwatch 1:00-1:10 timer 10 Minutes
~ SEE "EXECUTION KEYS" BELOW FOR AGE-SPECIFIC SUGGESTION LIST ~ The Dynamic Warm Up is today's warm up routine.  Gone are the days of standing in a...Read More
notes Notes:
Sprint 25/50%, Shoulder Circles, Walking Arm Circles, Chest, Triceps, Knees hugs, Twists, Butt Kickers, Lunges, Sprint 100%
Throwing Progressions Throwing Progression stopwatch 1:10-1:20 timer 10 Minutes
Throwing Progression is a series of three drills: Two Knee Catch, One Knee Catch, and Feet in Concrete.  All three are supported in the DC Library with...Read More
notes Notes:
1 Knee, Regular throws to full half court length. 10 throws each station.
Glove Drills 02/27/21 Indoor Practice #9 stopwatch 1:20-1:30 timer 10 Minutes
notes Notes:
Athletic Standing Glove Drills. Start regular distance, then space out to black volleyball lines.
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
BP Reps: Front Toss
stopwatch 1:35-1:55 timer 20 Minutes
Tom or James - Need Alex F. for 20 minutes.
How To Coach: Pitching #2
stopwatch 1:55-2:15 timer 20 Minutes
Kyle - Pitching with catchers. Use 2 Mounds. Players waiting to pitch, stand in the batters box.
Cone & Tee Drill
stopwatch 2:15-2:35 timer 20 Minutes
Buddy up, hit off tee into net. Use 1 Tee
02/27/21 Indoor Practice #9
stopwatch 2:35-2:35 timer 0 Minutes
Greg - Defensive assignments - use mini diamond.
Middle Infield fielding. 02/27/21 Indoor Practice #9 stopwatch 2:35-2:45 timer 10 Minutes
notes Notes:
lines at SS, 2nd & 1st. hit to SS or 2nd, and turn double play.
Relay Races 02/27/21 Indoor Practice #9 stopwatch 2:45-3:00 timer 15 Minutes
notes Notes:
2 or 4 per line. ball on each upturned palm, partner ball sandwiched between backs, and finish with relays with different starts.

"The most important quality I look for in a player is accountability. You've got to be accountable for who you are. It's too easy to blame things on someone else."

– Lenny Wilkens (HOF NBA Coach)


  •  The unwillingness to quit, the determination to find a solution, or the desire to complete a task. Get it done!
  •  The effort to get the project or task done when the first, second and third tries all go unsuccessful. Think responsibility 2.0!
  •  The champion holds himself accountable for the performance of the group and finds a way to push everyone towards success and accomplishment. Responsibilities can and will change, accountability does not!