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    Dan Keller

    Share a great drill or story related to teaching competition.


    We do a couple.

    1st – Team Relay Race – split the group in half. 1 half lines up behind home plate the other half behind 2nd base. Each runner must run all 4 bases before the next runner on the team can go. We use a baseball as a baton. First team to complete wins

    2nd – Dodge Ball!!! – The kids absolutely love dodge ball. No matter the situation the intensity in practice picks up during this.

    3rd – Team Relay Throws – We start on a foul line in the outfield and set a cone about 70 ft away with a ball on top of it. Players break up into two or 3 teams. The goal is to run down, pick. up the ball and throw it back to the next person in line, they return a throw and the initial player returns the. ball to the cone. They then run back and the next player proceeds until all players have gone.

    Do you have any others?


    One we did in our fall ball season was to put a bucket out near 2nd base (slightly on the first base side of the base) and have each kid attempt to hit the bucket with a throw from behind home plate.

    A big hit, regardless of what the competition was, was to hand out helmet stickers to the winners of the activity. We saw kids really push themselves to get that sticker, when before they were only giving a half-effort at best.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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