Reply To: Volume #3 – Competition


We do a couple.

1st – Team Relay Race – split the group in half. 1 half lines up behind home plate the other half behind 2nd base. Each runner must run all 4 bases before the next runner on the team can go. We use a baseball as a baton. First team to complete wins

2nd – Dodge Ball!!! – The kids absolutely love dodge ball. No matter the situation the intensity in practice picks up during this.

3rd – Team Relay Throws – We start on a foul line in the outfield and set a cone about 70 ft away with a ball on top of it. Players break up into two or 3 teams. The goal is to run down, pick. up the ball and throw it back to the next person in line, they return a throw and the initial player returns the. ball to the cone. They then run back and the next player proceeds until all players have gone.

Do you have any others?