6U – 90 Mins #5

Team Name
6U – 90 Mins #5
Start Time
04:00 PM
End Time
05:30 PM
EARLY ACTIVITY Home Run Derby stopwatch - timer 15 Minutes
A fun Hitting Station or Early Activity Drill, Home Run Derby brings out coach's inner Chris Berman - back, back, back, back... GONE!  Designed to be...Read More
notes Notes:
Create a small stadium for wiffle ball HR's (use tee?)
WARM UP Dyn Warm Up 6U #2 stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
~ SEE "EXECUTION KEYS" BELOW FOR AGE-SPECIFIC SUGGESTION LIST ~ Dynamic Warm Up 6U is a movement-based warm up routine specific to athletes age 6+.  The Dynamic...Read More
notes Notes:
Add new movements today, build focus on technique rather than speed.
THROW Feet In Concrete stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
Feet in Concrete is a throwing drill typically done as part of the Throwing Progression (a routine to follow while warming the arm up).  Depending on...Read More
notes Notes:
Throw only on coach's verbal. Establish YOUR rhythm. Continue into catch play.
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Slow & broken first, focus on footwork. Add lateral movement.
Ground Ball Quick Catch
stopwatch - timer 12.5 Minutes
As coach, start with very slow pace. Need clean footwork.
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Live BP
stopwatch - timer 25 Minutes
2 vs. 3 stations (get help!)
BASERUNNING Base Hit Turns stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
A Base Hit Turn is the action taken by a baserunner while rounding first after a base hit.  The ball has reached the outfield safely, which means the...Read More
notes Notes:
2 runs: Home-to-First & Base-Hit-Turns (finish with time competition)
MENTAL / FINISH Life Lesson Discussion stopwatch - timer 5 Minutes
Life Lesson discussions provide the opportunity to briefly talk about the characteristics of a champion.  Use the Dugout Captain suggestions for each...Read More
notes Notes:

"Missed more than 9000 shots. 26 potential game-winners. Lost 300 games. “Failed” over and over. THAT is why I succeed!"

– Michael Jordan

NO FEAR (of failure)

  •  Play free! Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.
  •  Learn from your mistakes (embrace them, don't endorse them)
  •  Grow, grow, grow - Always learn, always improve, always push ahead.