10U – 90 Mins #10

Team Name
10U – 90 Mins #10
Start Time
04:00 PM
End Time
05:30 PM
EARLY ACTIVITY Wiffle Cricket stopwatch - timer 15 Minutes
Wiffle Cricket is a drill used primarily as an Early Activity.  It involves only wiffle balls, so no athletes are throwing before being warm, and can...Read More
notes Notes:
Find the Early-Activity the athletes enjoy the best. Punctuality is true goal!
WARM UP Dyn Warm Up 10U #1 stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
~ SEE "EXECUTION KEYS" BELOW FOR AGE-SPECIFIC SUGGESTION LIST ~ The Dynamic Warm Up is today's warm up routine.  Gone are the days of standing in a...Read More
notes Notes:
New exercises welcomed!
THROWING Throwing Progression stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
Throwing Progression is a series of three drills: Two Knee Catch, One Knee Catch, and Feet in Concrete.  All three are supported in the DC Library with...Read More
notes Notes:
Two Knees, One Knee, Feet in Concrete. Finish with Catch Play.
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Steal Coverage
stopwatch - timer 12 Minutes
Catchers CAN throw if numbers allow.
Double Play Turns SS
stopwatch - timer 13 Minutes
Left = Underhand // Right = Dart // At = Either one
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Full team on diamond to cover Team Defense (bunt / 1st&3rd)
Play catch!
BASERUNNING Leads & Breaks stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
Leads & Breaks is run either at the beginning (Early Baserunning) or end of practice (Baserunning).  It involves sprint work infused with leadoff...Read More
notes Notes:
Run on main diamond. Catchers in full gear throwing to coach as middle infielder.
FINISH No Goals – GB Competition stopwatch - timer 5 Minutes
GroundBalls - No Goals is a station drill for use after ground ball fundamentals have been introduced.  This drill is designed to train and develop infield...Read More
notes Notes:
Kick up the energy and compete. Tighten execution so points only if fielded correctly.
PITCH & CATCH How to Coach: The Change Up stopwatch - timer 0 Minutes
The information following below is copyright'd material from Dan Keller's, Coaching the Beginning Pitcher.  Available for purchase here , this is from...Read More
notes Notes:
How-to-Coach: Change Up. 3-finger vs. 4-finger, full arm speed // 36-pitch pens

"Lock in! Watch, listen, think... right here, right now."

– Dan Keller (Dugout Captain)


  •  Understand the why and how behind each drill at practice.
  •  Hear, don’t just listen
  •  Focus Reset Button for competition: Routine to follow when focus has slipped.