Life Lesson Initiative – #10 TEAM


Perhaps the thing I miss most about being a player is being part of a team. It’s probably why I still coach! The camaraderie and fulfillment of grinding, growing, and having fun alongside your teammates is a thrill like nothing else. Smiles, laughter, anger, crying… it’s all part of that journey shared with those close friends called teammates.

This week, we’re going to build and enhance your TEAM. Like turning a house into a home, we’re working to turn a group of athletes into a team. Dugout Captain’s Coach/Parent challenge of the week:


This can be a pizza party, pool party, park or beach clean up, volunteer event at a soup kitchen. Or, even a bbq or potluck at your own house. Something, anything, to get the parents together and the kids playing. And we mean just that, PLAYING.

Coach’s Tip: Schedule a team pizza party within the first two weeks of season. This way, parents learn names and engage with each other before the final week of the season. They are going to sit next to each other the next three months, might as well get friendly sooner rather than later.

Let’s build that TEAM by spending quality time with each other. Play hard, have fun!


Eric Cressey has most influenced my training philosophy. Since I first heard Eric speak at the 2010 ABCA show, I’ve visited his Massachusetts facility on multiple occasions to immerse myself into all that they do. He’s the best in the business, with integrity, honesty, and a perspective that matches the Dugout Captain way. You will thank me after watching Eric’s videos, except for the fact that it is a baseball-nerd’s rabbit hole! Be careful, hours can go by watching EC drop knowledge.

Visit the DC FORUMS to share best practices and Q&A.

  • What teams do you participate in/on?
  • What do you like best about being part of a team?
  • In what ways do you act like a good teammate?

AFTER PRACTICE GAME – Organize an after-practice wiffle ball or basketball game, or maybe just some time on the jungle-gym. Get the fellas together for 15 minutes after practice (be sure to ask Mom or Dad at least one day in advance).

NON-BASEBALL TEAM EVENT – Schedule an event away from the field. It can be in place of practice, as parents already have that time set aside. Get the kids off of the field and into a different environment.