Everything you need to run a practice The Captain’s Way. This “kit” contains the equipment used in DC’s drills, lessons, and skill training videos. Whether a coach, prepping to be awesome… or a league, looking to provide volunteer coaches with every chance for success… this is a one-stop solution to running a great practice.

The Captain’s Kit includes the following:

  • Hitting / Training Net (1) – Easy-assembly, pop-up net for use as hitting sock net or throwing target net. Every practice needs one!
  • Batting Tee (1) – Don’t leave home without it. Fundamentals rule people!
  • Tennis Balls (12) – Start slow and work your way up the safety ladder. Work on soft hands, train getting hit by a pitch, peg kids… you know, coach-type of stuffs.
  • Wiffle Balls (24) – Low ball flight for batting practice reps. Great for receiving drills. They have these neat little holes…
  • Hula Hoops (2) – Swallow your pride and put these to use as targets for point competitions
  • Cones (25) – Cones, cones, and more cones. I love cones.
  • Throw Down Bases (1 set) – Who needs a field?
  • Mesh Ball Bag (2) – Perfect for tennis balls and wiffle balls. We don’t include baseballs or safety-balls as shipping costs kill the value to you.
  • Bungee Utility Tie Cords (6) – Tie up hula hoops, or use them around the house!
  • Coaches Gear Bag (1) – Pile all this stuff up, lock it in a shed, and leave for the next victim.