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    Post a question and get answers, suggestions, and tips from the Dugout Captain community. Participate and save someone else from making the same mistakes you did. Let’s take advantage of this baseball community, we are smarter together!

    Coaching Clinic Video

    The full, in-person, Dugout Captain coaching clinic experience led by Dan Keller.  Professionally filmed and edited, this video solves the youth league coaches education requirement.  Can’t make it to the league training day?  Watch this video and check the box for attending a clinic.  Highlights: Practice planning, coaching philosophy, Drills, drills, infield, pitching, hitting, drills… and more drills!

    Practice Planning Clinic & DC Tutorial

    Overview of the DC Practice Planning Philosophy along with a website tutorial for maximizing your experience with the website. Highlights include Dan Keller’s overview of the DC practice segments as well as a walk-through of building a practice plan and sharing with your own group.

    Athlete Development Plan

    Dugout Captain’s full curriculum and development plan. A “how-to” coaching overview, organized from ages 4 – 14, with bullet-point learning objectives for each age. Also includes information on setting up your season, establishing your own coaching philosophy, team meetings, necessary equipment, and a narrative to guide you whoever you might be on the coaching roller coaster.