White Sox practice 3/16

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White Sox practice 3/16
Wilhelm Field #4
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Early Activity Ground Ball Reps – No Throw and Flip stopwatch 10:15-10:30 timer 15 Minutes
Ground Ball Reps - No Throw + Flip is an infield drill used during Station Instruction or as an Early Activity.  One coach can easily entertain an entire...Read More
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Warm Up Backyard Clean Up stopwatch 10:30-10:40 timer 10 Minutes
Backyard Clean up is an activity run during the 15-minute window before practice.  As it is completely centered on fun, Backyard Clean Up could fill any...Read More
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Most balls on 1 side = loser; 10 jumping jacks
Early Basketball Lines stopwatch 10:40-10:45 timer 5 Minutes
Basketball Lines - Rekindle your inner hoops player and get "on the line."  A simple change-of-direction move to train agility and condition athletes....Read More
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Throwing Structured Catch Play stopwatch 10:45-10:55 timer 10 Minutes
Playing catch is the most important "drill" you will ever run as a coach! Structured Catch Play is more than just a drill.  It's actually more of an organized,...Read More
notes Notes:
"Pop" = loaded power position; "chest" = feet, thumbs, knees; "throw"
Quick Defense Waiter Tray Receiving stopwatch 10:55-11:00 timer 5 Minutes
Waiter Tray Receiving is an introductory activity to drill receiving or outfield skills during the Quick Defense portion of practice.  The goal of this...Read More
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Following this, review positions on field. Quiz
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Olympics – Infield
stopwatch 11:05-11:20 timer 15 Minutes
Left field bases set up
Wiffle Circle
stopwatch 11:20-11:35 timer 15 Minutes
How To Coach: Hitting #1
stopwatch 11:35-11:50 timer 15 Minutes
Kids rotate from wiffle
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
stopwatch 11:55-12:25 timer 30 Minutes
5 on 5. D= 1B,2B,SS,3B,OF
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Baserunning Fastest Man Standing stopwatch 12:30-12:40 timer 10 Minutes
Fastest Man Standing (FMS) involves a combination of sprint work and competition.  The sprint variations help to hold the focus of athletes and shift...Read More
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Finish Wiffle Dodgeball stopwatch 12:40-12:45 timer 5 Minutes
Wiffle Dodgeball is a wacky-fun drill.  There's some speed/agility value, but beyond that... we're having fun here.  With a keen eye placed on athlete-safety,...Read More
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