Practice 2- Primary

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Whiffle ball warm up Practice 2- Primary stopwatch 3:45-4:00 timer 15 Minutes
notes Notes:
Multiple hitting stations: 2 hitters per station/ 1 coach or player pitching b. Switch batters every 10 hits c. Player leave helmets on when shagging balls
Warm Up: Dynamic/Circle Practice 2- Primary stopwatch 4:00-4:10 timer 10 Minutes
notes Notes:
a. Dynamic warm up b. Circle stretch
Skill building warm up Ground balls/under toss Fundamentals: Dynamic Warm Up stopwatch 4:10-4:15 timer 5 Minutes
The Dynamic Warm Up is today's warm up routine.  Gone are the days of standing in a circle and yanking on arms and legs.  Best way to explain using common...Read More
notes Notes:
Fielding ground ball/ underhand toss: Coach:All, Parents x 3 *Relaxed position *Ready position *Glove leg slightly forward *Firm underhand toss.
Skill building warm up Base runnig Practice 2- Primary stopwatch 4:15-4:20 timer 5 Minutes
notes Notes:
Base running. *Relax position. *Ready position
Playing catch practice Practice 2- Primary stopwatch 4:20-4:30 timer 10 Minutes
notes Notes:
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
St-1: Cut off (Micro diamond) Practice 2- Primary stopwatch 4:35-4:47 timer 12 Minutes
notes Notes:
Group 1: Cut off from outfield (Mini diamond x 1) ii. Set up: Mini diamond in outfield iii. Set up Positions: Right/Center/Left/SS/2nd base iv. Coach discussion: SS cuts L side of outfield, 2nd base covers Right side of outfield v. Whiffle ball thrown into Outfield, cutoff moves into positon, proper base coverage vi. Cut yells “Ball ball ball” vii. Proper throw, cut, throw, tag at base
St-2 Fielding drill Practice 2- Primary stopwatch 4:47-4:59 timer 12 Minutes
notes Notes:
Group 2: (Infield fielding) ii.Coach: Seth, Parents x 2 iii. Set up: half at SS/ 2nd base coverage, half at 2nd base/1st base coverage, iv. Field 3 balls, SS throw to 2nd base, 2nd base throw to 1st base v. Rotate to base coverage after fielding
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Batting Practice Practice 2- Primary stopwatch 5:04-5:34 timer 30 Minutes
notes Notes:
1) (30) Batting practice (12-person drill/ three groups) a. Group 1- Fielding b. Parent x 1 in outfield helping shag. Parent at 1st with bownet protection c. Player at 3rd, SS, LF, CF, d. Group 2- Batting e. Coach: Seth, Parent- Pitching f. Player 1- hitting, Player 2- on deck, Player 3- Base runner (beyond 1st base), Player 3: hit off Tl (right field) Group 3- Pitching/ Catching assessments h. Coach: Doug/ Shashi
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Scrimmage Practice 2- Primary stopwatch 5:39-5:54 timer 15 Minutes
notes Notes:
Three even groups A) Runner on 1st B) 3 outs per team