7U Winter #7

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Early Activity Wiffle Cricket stopwatch 12:15-12:30 timer 15 Minutes
Wiffle Cricket is a drill used primarily as an Early Activity.  It involves only wiffle balls, so no athletes are throwing before being warm, and can...Read More
notes Notes:
The team before us has been using the infielding area at the end of their practice. If they aren't using it you could have the boys do this activity.
Warm Up Dyn Warm Up 8U #1 stopwatch 12:30-12:40 timer 10 Minutes
~ SEE "EXECUTION KEYS" BELOW FOR AGE-SPECIFIC SUGGESTION LIST ~ The Dynamic Warm Up is today's warm up routine.  Gone are the days of standing in a...Read More
notes Notes:
RUN 25 / 50 / 75 / 75% BUTT KICKERS HIGH KNEES (go slow) SIDE SHUFFLE R / L (make sure they aren't crossing feet) BEAR CRAWLS WALKING ARM CIRCLES (5 SM / 5 MED / 5 L) WALKING ARM CIRCLES BACKWARD (15) SPRINT 75 / 100
Throwing Throwing Progression stopwatch 12:40-12:50 timer 10 Minutes
Throwing Progression is a series of three drills: Two Knee Catch, One Knee Catch, and Feet in Concrete.  All three are supported in the DC Library with...Read More
notes Notes:
End with having the kids further apart and throwing parallel to the pitching lane
Quick Defense Four Corner Receiving stopwatch 12:50-13:00 timer 10 Minutes
Four-Corner Receiving is a drill to work on catching the baseball (basic receiving for beginning baseball players).  It is easy to execute, safe for beginning...Read More
notes Notes:
you could either do this or work on pop ups during this time
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
2 Lines, 1 Coach
stopwatch 13:00-13:10 timer 10 Minutes
set up one of the catch nets and have them throw at that or if there is a parent to assist they coud catch
Box Drills
stopwatch 13:10-13:20 timer 10 Minutes
You need 5 kids for this. If you only have 4 you can do a variation with a triangle. If you only have 3 kids then set them up in a straight line and have them send ball from one end to the other.
Live BP
stopwatch 13:20-13:35 timer 15 Minutes
Do this on HIT TRAX SIDE
3 Step Hitting
stopwatch 13:35-13:50 timer 15 Minutes
a potential tee drill for them to work on
Baserunning Tagging Up stopwatch 13:50-14:00 timer 10 Minutes
DC recommends running Tagging Up during Early Baserunning.  Use final 4-6 sprints and review tagging up fundamentals. EXECUTION - First athlete jogs...Read More
notes Notes:
End with basketball lines sprints (2 teams with 3 cones