2021 Firecrackers P7

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2021 Firecrackers P7
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Cage BP Reps: Front Toss stopwatch 5:45-6:08 timer 23 Minutes
In an attempt to keep this segment simple, BP Reps: Front Toss is a station where a coach uses underhand tosses to get swings... and maybe even teach...Read More
notes Notes:
Wait + Opposite Field
Tee & Soft Toss Field Goal Hitting stopwatch 6:08-6:30 timer 22 Minutes
Field Goal Hitting is a fun hitting drill to encourage and promote working the opposite field and up the middle.  Run Field Goal Hitting on the main diamond,...Read More
notes Notes:
Wiffle, Ball, Heavy
WARM UP Obstacle Course stopwatch 6:30-6:40 timer 10 Minutes
Obstacle Course is a Warm Up drill is designed for fun.  Run this early in the season to help break the ice and get kids to loosen up and smile.  The...Read More
notes Notes:
Create a relay race competition around the Obstacle Course.
EARLY BASERUNNING Leads & Breaks stopwatch 6:40-6:45 timer 5 Minutes
Leads & Breaks is run either at the beginning (Early Baserunning) or end of practice (Baserunning).  It involves sprint work infused with leadoff...Read More
notes Notes:
Review & practice leadoff fundies before each sprint.
THROWING Long Toss – Time & Distance stopwatch 6:45-6:55 timer 10 Minutes
Many coach's believe that throwing is the most important drill in practice.  Why then, would catch play be cut short or rushed through?  Dugout Captain...Read More
notes Notes:
Distance, extend, bring back for quick-throwing competition
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Ground Ball Put Outs
stopwatch 7:00-7:10 timer 10 Minutes
Throw into net
Olympics – Outfield
stopwatch 7:10-7:20 timer 10 Minutes
Four Stations
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
3-4 Teams Scrimmage stopwatch 7:25-7:50 timer 25 Minutes
A scrimmage is a time for kids to put the hard work into action, and experience the pressure of competition.  Simulate game play by splitting into groups...Read More
notes Notes:
BASERUNNING Around the World – 3 Runners stopwatch 7:50-8:00 timer 10 Minutes
Around the World is a baserunning drill involving ALL aspects of baserunning.  This is a combination drill involving four athletes and all of the basepaths....Read More
notes Notes:
(1) Home to First (2) Lead & Break (3) Secondary & Go; 4. Tag Up & Score
PITCH & CATCH How To Coach: Pitching #2 stopwatch 8:00-8:00 timer 0 Minutes
How to Coach: Pitching #2 is the second drill in Dugout Captain's series to teach Pitching as a skill.  Use with your team to coach-up multiple players,...Read More
notes Notes:
How-to-Coach #2: Review Pos #1 'Balance', then focus Pos #3 'Finish' // 24-count bullpens

"The image that a player projects through his actions, gestures, and posture during competition."

– Dan Keller (Dugout Captain)


  •  Fake it, until you make it
  •  Lead by example, your teammates will follow
  •  What are your team’s rules? (Suggestions: Head up, shoulders back, tall and proud)