14U – 120 Mins #11

Team Name
14U – 120 Mins #11
Start Time
04:00 PM
End Time
06:00 PM
Early Activity Wiffle Circle stopwatch - timer 15 Minutes
Wiffle Circle is an Early Activity drill that can be run during the 15-minutes prior to practice start time.  It can also be ran as a pre-game drill...Read More
notes Notes:
Work on getting hit correctly (randomly) - DROP barrel, TURN head, TUCK chin.
Warm Up Obstacle Course stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
Obstacle Course is a Warm Up drill is designed for fun.  Run this early in the season to help break the ice and get kids to loosen up and smile.  The...Read More
notes Notes:
Make it a competition. 2 teams vs. 3 teams - depends on number of athletes.
Early Baserunning Basketball Lines stopwatch - timer 5 Minutes
Basketball Lines - Rekindle your inner hoops player and get "on the line."  A simple change-of-direction move to train agility and condition athletes....Read More
notes Notes:
Sprint: Start first cone... there (2nd cone), back... there (3rd cone), back...
Throw Long Toss Competition stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
Long Toss Competition is a fun throwing competition to run at the end of a throwing segment.  Teach, then throw, finish by competing.  This helps to...Read More
notes Notes:
Long-Toss (push distance)... finish with Long-Toss-Competition.
Quick Defense Running Darts stopwatch - timer 5 Minutes
Running Darts is a great drill to run during Quick Defense.  Before using this type of throw during a rundown drill, executing Running Darts as a...Read More
notes Notes:
Rundown Review: Show ball, establish lane, go hard, toss dart.
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
TEAM DEFENSE Team D – 1st & 3rd Defense stopwatch - timer 20 Minutes
Baserunners on first and third bases is a common situation for offensive trickery.  Thus, it's an area of Team Defense that MUST be taught whenever runners...Read More
notes Notes:
FULL TEAM on diamond.
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
SCRIMMAGE Scrimmage stopwatch - timer 40 Minutes
A scrimmage is a time for kids to put the hard work into action, and experience the pressure of competition.  Simulate game play by splitting into groups...Read More
notes Notes:
1/2 situations; 1/2 game-play
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Baserunning Secondary & Read stopwatch - timer 10 Minutes
The Secondary & Read Drill is a baserunning drill operated at second base.  The goal is to take baserunning instruction one level "deeper."  Athletes...Read More
notes Notes:
3 lines at 2nd Base. Coach tosses ball up - If catch = Back to bag / If drop = Go to 3rd.
Mental / Finish Life Lesson Discussion stopwatch - timer 5 Minutes
Life Lesson discussions provide the opportunity to briefly talk about the characteristics of a champion.  Use the Dugout Captain suggestions for each...Read More
notes Notes:
BE AGGRESSIVE - Make a mistake, learn from it, improve!
PITCH & CATCH Pregame Bullpen Routine stopwatch - timer 0 Minutes
Pregame Bullpen Routine is an overview of a pitchers preparation for game competition.  Once called to the bullpen, follow this suggested pitch routine...Read More
notes Notes:
10, 15, 20 pitches? Establish (and own) YOUR routine.

"Be aggressive. Be more aggressive. Never be satisfied."

– Pete Rose, Cincinatti Reds ('63-'86)


  •  Dictate pace. Be the team that puts pressure on the opponent. Play quickly, throw strikes
  •  Process vs. Results - Go hard and let results take care of themselves
  •  We learn from aggressive mistakes. Cautious, passive mistakes waste time