12U – 90 Mins #9 1st and 3rd d instead of offenc

Team Name
Start Time
End Time
Early Activity Wiffle Cricket stopwatch 3:45-4:00 timer 15 Minutes
Wiffle Cricket is a drill used primarily as an Early Activity.  It involves only wiffle balls, so no athletes are throwing before being warm, and can...Read More
notes Notes:
HIT = Points per base & hit again / OUT = Switch to defense and everyone rotate.
Warm Up Obstacle Course stopwatch 4:00-4:10 timer 10 Minutes
Obstacle Course is a Warm Up drill is designed for fun.  Run this early in the season to help break the ice and get kids to loosen up and smile.  The...Read More
notes Notes:
Keep the ground-leg straight during Frankenstein walks.
Throw Throwing Progression stopwatch 4:10-4:20 timer 10 Minutes
Throwing Progression is a series of three drills: Two Knee Catch, One Knee Catch, and Feet in Concrete.  All three are supported in the DC Library with...Read More
notes Notes:
Throwing Progression (2-Knees, 1-Knee, Concrete-Feet) + Structured-Catch-Play.
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Double Play Turns SS
stopwatch 4:20-4:32 timer 12 Minutes
R / L / Shuffle & Click / Throw
No Goals – GB Competition
stopwatch 4:32-4:45 timer 13 Minutes
Lateral movement + Pop footwork.
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
BP Reps: Soft Toss
stopwatch 4:50-5:02 timer 12 Minutes
Suggestion: Run on diamond w/live defense. Rotate from field to defense to cages.
Scared of Getting Hit
stopwatch 5:02-5:15 timer 13 Minutes
Drop, tuck, turn (in cages / foul territory)
Team D – 1st & 3rd Defense
stopwatch 5:15-5:30 timer 15 Minutes
Mental / Finish Life Lesson Discussion stopwatch 5:30-5:35 timer 5 Minutes
Life Lesson discussions provide the opportunity to briefly talk about the characteristics of a champion.  Use the Dugout Captain suggestions for each...Read More
notes Notes:
DRIVE - Can you develop it? See below for notes.
PITCH & CATCH How To Coach: Pitching #4 stopwatch 5:35-5:35 timer 0 Minutes
How to Coach: Pitching #4 is the fourth lesson in Dugout Captain's series designed to teach pitching.  This segment works to take the rules learned...Read More
notes Notes:
Topics: Distance, Direction, 1-2-1-3, Add Windup.

"It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up."

– Vince Lombardi, Hall of Fame NFL Coach ('59-'69)


  •  Getting better takes hard work, determination, and a willingness to push through challenges
  •  Rule: No excuses, no whining, no complaining
  •  Get after it