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Drill Library

Created from real-life experience working with the most challenging athletes. All drills include video, descriptive text, set-up diagram, and patented DC Keys providing tricks and tips to save time and frustration.

  • 200+ Unique & Fun Drills
  • Designed For Youth
  • Keep Multiple Athletes Busy
  • Save Time & Effort
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DC Practice Plan Screen Image

Practice Plans

Ready-made practice plans programmed to prepare athletes at each age level. Following the bullet point objectives laid out in the Athlete Development, plans are filled with DC Drills - and each has specific notes for THAT drill's use at THAT practice.

  • Organized by age, from Tee Ball to 14+
  • Choose from 60, 90 to 120 Mins options - 13 plans at each age
  • Share practice plan in 5 clicks
  • No Coaching Experience Necessary
  • Drill video and notes loaded for each segment

Athlete Development Plan

Step-by-step developmental curriculum to guide the coaching process. Bullet point learning objectives by age, with the plan to accomplish them. No stress, what to expect, tricks of the trade. DC Practice Plans programmed to reach Athlete Development Plan goals.

  • Narrative to Guide Athlete Development
  • Graduate Levels with Clear Goal Objectives
  • Read it all, or advance to your age-level
  • What to Coach, When to Coach It
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Skill Training

Coach-the-Coach guide to train skill development in pitching, hitting, infield and the catcher position. Fix-it plans for correcting fundamental flaws and problems. Coaching Tips included to assist game management, handling umpires, parent problems, and best practices.

  • Save Time & Money
  • Train-a-Skill Lesson Plans to Coach Fundamentals
  • Fix-a-Problem Lesson Plans to Address Common Challenges
  • Keep Your Athlete Safe & Healthy


Select a ready-made plan or build your own via DC Virtual Clipboard. Then SHARE to athlete, parent, assistant coach, or team.

  • Contacts Receive Interactive Plan - Loaded with Drill Videos, Notes, and Details
  • Send Training Plan to Athlete, Practice Plan to Team
  • Assistant Coaches & Parents Can Help Run Drills
  • Families See & Can Practice at Home
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My Dugout

Control panel to launch into action. Build a team, invite player families, store plans, find resources, connect with other coaches.

  • Build a Team and Invite Member Families
  • Find Life Lesson and Coach’s Tips Videos
  • Support, Tutorials and Community