Life Lesson Initiative – #2 EFFORT


Baseball coaches are famous for saying two things never go into a slump:  EFFORT & ATTITUDE.

I like this one even better: “You are fully in control of ONLY two things in baseball – Your effort and your attitude.”

This week, let’s practice working hard. Let’s build the habit of consistently giving great effort, working to become the kind of athlete that never slumps with regard to effort. Because you and I both know, it’s THAT type of habit, THAT type of skill, THAT type of character that will truly help with success down the road of life.  Whether that’s in sports, career, or relationships, we can earn the label of Hard Worker. And we can start that process this week!

Play hard, have fun!


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  • Name a challenge/project that you get excited to practice?
  • What benefits are there to arriving to an event early?
  • Which player do you think has a great attitude and why?

ARRIVE EARLY – Show up 15 minutes early to every practice this week.

(#1) REWARD EFFORT – Award line and stretching leaders to those that work hardest at practice. (#2) PLAN IT – Build and share a practice with the DC Clipboard. It takes effort, but THIS is the week!