Life Lesson Initiative – #3 COMPETITION / PONY


The purpose of playing sports and baseball in particular is to have fun and learn how to compete. To practice losing, winning, and everything in between. And do so in an accelerated, controlled, and safe environment that baseball provides.

The faster we can grow comfortable with competition, the more prepared we are for life’s challenges. To charge ahead with a freedom and a willingness to explore those challenges… without being fearful, or overly cautious.

So this week, let’s compete! Build competition into every practice, every drill, every repetition. Whether that means finding a buddy and going head-to-head or working hard to add games and points to today’s practice plan, let’s compete! And not for the sake of winning or losing, rather, let’s learn to grind and fight with a smile on our face simply as good practice for life.

Play hard, have fun!


Good people, doing good work. This is my short description of Coach Birdt and YSPN360. Please visit their site and check out their work (it’s also free :). Coach Birdt has amassed an amazing group of teachers, collection of instruction, and community of support. Great fundraising tool for groups and leagues as well.

YSPN360 is an online youth sports community for athletes, parents, and coaches. Focused on improving the youth sports journey, YSPN360 offers exclusive access to instructional videos and educational content, created by top-tier professional and collegiate coaches, athletes, and mentors – such as Los Angeles Dodgers’ Manager Dave Roberts, Omar Vizquel, Sandy Alomar Jr. and many more!

  • What does it mean to COMPETE?
  • Share an experience about a tough loss.
  • Break this down:  Lose faster, learn quicker.

COMPETITION BUDDY – Pair up with a teammate and compete every drill this week!

CREATE COMPETITION – Every workout, every practice, every drill. And bring a small prize or use a conditioning reward for those that compete well.