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Complete Access to the Dugout Captain Toolbox:

drill-library-_-learn-more-page-copyDRILL LIBRARY

Created from real-life experience working with the most challenging athletes. All drills include video, descriptive text, set-up diagram, and patented DC Keys to provide tricks and tips to save time and frustration.

  • Balance Fun & Development
  • Designed For Youth
  • Keep Multiple Athletes Busy
  • Save Time & Effort

PRACTICE PLANpractice-plan-2-_-learn-more-page

Over 200 professionally programmed, ready-made practice plans available for ages tee ball to 14. Notes accompany every drill, selected just for that practice.

  • Choose from 60, 90 to 120 Mins.
  • No Coaching Experience Necessary
  • Drill video and notes loaded for each segment

ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT PLANskill-training-_-learn-more-page

Step-by-step developmental curriculum to guide the coaching process. Bullet point learning objectives by age, with the plan to accomplish. No stress – what to expect, tricks of the trade, and a narrative to support DC Practice Plans.

  • Narrative to Guide Athlete Development
  • Graduate Levels with Clear Goal Objectives
  • What to Coach, When to Coach It

SKILL TRAININGskill-training-_-learn-more-page

Coach-the-Coach guide to train skill development in pitching, hitting, infield and the catcher position.

  • Save Time & Money
  • Fix Problems & Address Challenges
  • Keep Your Athlete Safe & Healthy

DIGITAL CLIPBOARDclipboard-_-learn-more-page-copy

Drag-and-Drop to build a plan, and share it.

  • Contacts Receive Interactive Plan
  • Assistant Coaches Can Help Run Drills
  • Families See & Can Practice at Home

MY DUGOUTmy-dugout-_-learn-more-page-copy

Control panel to launch into action. Build a team, invite player families, store plans, find resources, connect with other coaches.

  • Build a Team and Invite Member Families
  • Find Life Lesson and Coach’s Tips Videos
  • Support, Tutorials and Community