Life Lesson Initiative – #6 AGGRESSION / DIXIE


We need to play free. We neeeed to have fun. To do that, we can’t be afraid to fail. What’s the first, tangible way to teach our players to play like nobody’s watching?


Be aggressive. Throw HARD, run HARD, swing HARD! Be aggressive.

Aggressive means playing hard. Aggressive means bringing it, TO the competition. Aggression means putting the defense on their heels and setting the tone. Let’s get real, and set some specific challenges for this week to create an atmosphere promoting aggression:

1. Take the field with a purpose, sprint on and off the diamond.

2. Run the bases like a madman – Every ground ball, we’re going to put pressure on the defense. Every base hit is a double… until you stop me. When I’m on first base and there’s a single to the outfield, I’m going to 3rd… until you stop me. When I’m on second base and there’s a single, I am SCORING… until you stop me.

3. Swing like you’re trying to hurt the ball.

Doing this means players CAN’T be afraid to make a mistake. And we coaches need to reward effort to encourage players to lose any sort of hesitancy. Coaches can’t micro manage swing technique, when the goals is to murder the baseball!!

Your challenge this week, if you choose to accept it:  BE AGGRESSIVE

Play hard, have fun!

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  • What does the word AGGRESSIVE mean to you?
  • What’s an example of being aggressive on the baseball field?
  • Name an athlete that plays exceptionally hard.

Hurt. The. Baseball. Swing HARD !!!

Run drills that promote aggression andd swinging hard. Create a distance competition and see who can hit the ball the farthest.