Day 5 Practice

Team Name
8U Rookie Astros
Start Time
End Time
Early Activity Day 5 Practice stopwatch 6:15-6:30 timer 15 Minutes
notes Notes:
Pepper with wiffle ball
Warm Up Day 5 Practice stopwatch 6:30-6:35 timer 5 Minutes
notes Notes:
Touch toes, right over left, switch, butterflys, right leg back, switch, left arm across, switch, left arm back, switch, left forearm, switch, arm circles forward (only around rotator cuff), swing them and back with palms up (rotator cuff), trunk twist making sure to emulate swinging a bat
Dynamic Strech Day 5 Practice stopwatch 6:35-6:40 timer 5 Minutes
notes Notes:
Cones set 7 meters apart. The middle cone is to let the next person know when to go. RUN 25 / 50 / 75 / 75% BUTT KICKERS HIGH KNEES SIDE SHUFFLE R / L BEAR CRAWLS WALKING ARM CIRCLES (5 SM / 5 MED / 5 L) WALKING ARM CIRCLES BACKWARD (15) SPRINT 75 / 100
Form Throwing Day 5 Practice stopwatch 6:40-6:50 timer 10 Minutes
notes Notes:
On a knee while holding wrist, On a knee while holding elbow, feet planted lil' past shoulder width apart (no step), with shoulder pointed toward target step to target and throw w/follow through, take a step (either across body or without heels clicking, to our target) making sure to follow through, long toss with crow hops. Quick feet drill
Relay throw game Day 5 Practice stopwatch 6:50-6:55 timer 5 Minutes
notes Notes:
Start on poles, spread players about 20 feet apart, they have bodies' already turned ready to relay ball to the next person (unless it's the end person), ball must make it from pole to half way to home back to pole. If a player throws it and the other player misses it the player that threw it must go get the ball, go back to his/her spot and throw it to the person again.
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Quick Defense Day 5 Practice stopwatch 7:00-7:15 timer 15 Minutes
notes Notes:
players at 1st, 2nd, 3rd and SS, after fielding ball, ball goes into bucket. Then with player situated at 1B, P, C, 3B and a net on second base work on throws to 2nd base. After a round to 1B
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Review BR to 1st Base Day 5 Practice stopwatch 7:20-7:23 timer 3 Minutes
notes Notes:
Review BR to 1st Base, then hold them in that area
BR: 1st to 2nd/3rd Day 5 Practice stopwatch 7:23-7:33 timer 10 Minutes
notes Notes:
With Runners on 1st base speak about what to do with contact in the air vs. ground and picking up third base coach.
Situational BR & Fielding with BR @ 1 Day 5 Practice stopwatch 7:33-7:58 timer 25 Minutes
notes Notes:
With a full defense speak about responsibilities with no runners. With BR on 1, a hitter taking swings either soft toss or live hitting, and a full defense, talk about responsibilities with runners on 1 base. Than play it live. Must have a coach, soft tossing/pitching, corner outfields, and helping with the baserunners. A catcher is optional.
Life Lesson Day 5 Practice stopwatch 7:58-8:03 timer 5 Minutes
notes Notes:
Life Lesson A-S-T-R-O-S (O for Opportunity)

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."

– John Maxwell, Author


  •  Win with class, lose with pride. Either way, have a good time!
  •  Baseball is a game, and games are supposed to be fun.
  •  Beat your opponent in such a way that he wants to compete with you again.