A’s Practice 3

Team Name
Start Time
End Time
Wiffle BP Wiffle Circle stopwatch 4:45-5:00 timer 15 Minutes
Wiffle Circle is an Early Activity drill that can be run during the 15-minutes prior to practice start time.  It can also be ran as a pre-game drill...Read More
notes Notes:
Pre Practice Batting practice
WARM UP Backyard Clean Up stopwatch 5:00-5:11 timer 11 Minutes
Backyard Clean up is an activity run during the 15-minute window before practice.  As it is completely centered on fun, Backyard Clean Up could fill any...Read More
notes Notes:
Balance the teams, compete for 30 seconds... tally score... play again!
INFIELD Hula Hoop Throwing stopwatch 5:11-5:22 timer 11 Minutes
Hula Hoop Throwing is a drill designed to work on basic throwing mechanics.  Highlights include stepping with the opposite foot and utilizing a proper...Read More
notes Notes:
GB Reps + Hula Hoop Throwing - Field GB, slowly: (1) ankle eye, (2) power step, (3) throw
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Two Spot Receiving
stopwatch 5:22-5:30 timer 8 Minutes
Concentrate on Upper catch with Thumbs together.
BP Reps: Wiffle Ball
stopwatch 5:30-5:38 timer 8 Minutes
Two tees w/wiffles. Rotate after 5 swings. Defense circles up.
Live BP Live BP stopwatch 5:38-6:03 timer 25 Minutes
Live BP is a catch-all drill for "batting practice."  For Dugout Captain practice plans, this drill can mean using a different device (tee, soft toss,...Read More
notes Notes:
Using coach pitch and Pitching Machine with real balls
BASERUNNING Home to First stopwatch 6:03-6:13 timer 10 Minutes
Home-to-First coaches the correct way to run through the first base bag.  As part of Baserunning or Conditioning, this drill can be run near the end...Read More
notes Notes:
Rule #1 - Run FAST. Rule #2 - Step on the base. For now, there are no other rules!
FINISH Life Lesson Discussion stopwatch 6:13-6:18 timer 5 Minutes
Life Lesson discussions provide the opportunity to briefly talk about the characteristics of a champion.  Use the Dugout Captain suggestions for each...Read More
notes Notes:
Life Lesson Discussion - ATTITUDE

"If you want to be better, then give a better effort, have a better plan and choose a better attitude!"

– Seth M. Quealy (mental coach)


  •  Attitude and effort are two areas that never have slumps
  •  A great attitude naturally brings forth great effort
  •  Have fun. Be happy. Play hard