12U – 60 Mins #5

Team Name
Champ center
Start Time
End Time
Early Activity Wiffle Cricket stopwatch 5:45-6:00 timer 15 Minutes
Wiffle Cricket is a drill used primarily as an Early Activity.  It involves only wiffle balls, so no athletes are throwing before being warm, and can...Read More
notes Notes:
Three highest point leaders lead Warm-Up lines.
Baserunning as Warm Up Around the World – 3 Runners stopwatch 6:00-6:10 timer 10 Minutes
Around the World is a baserunning drill involving ALL aspects of baserunning.  This is a combination drill involving four athletes and all of the basepaths....Read More
notes Notes:
Quick Dynamic Session... then to baserunning!
Throw Catch & Pop stopwatch 6:10-6:20 timer 10 Minutes
Catch & Pop is a Quick Defense drill to drill the athletic movement of an infielder catching and getting rid of the ball. This movement is used all...Read More
notes Notes:
Structured-Catch-Play followed by Catch-&-Pop.
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Ground Ball Put Outs
stopwatch 6:20-6:32 timer 12 Minutes
Tough Drill: Round of force plays followed by round of tag plays
Side-to-Side Bucket Fly Balls
stopwatch 6:32-6:45 timer 13 Minutes
Fly Ball Reps + Communication
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
HITTING Field Goal Hitting stopwatch 6:50-7:05 timer 15 Minutes
Field Goal Hitting is a fun hitting drill to encourage and promote working the opposite field and up the middle.  Run Field Goal Hitting on the main diamond,...Read More
notes Notes:
** Could use two tees or two soft-toss stations (IF SAFE)
PITCH & CATCH How to Coach: Pitching #1 stopwatch 7:05-7:05 timer 0 Minutes
How to Coach: Pitching #1 is the first drill in Dugout Captain's series to teach Pitching as a skill.  Use with your team to coach-up multiple players,...Read More
notes Notes:
First 'lesson' can be done as group. Focus on Position #1: Balance Point // 20-pitches each

"Missed more than 9000 shots. 26 potential game-winners. Lost 300 games. “Failed” over and over. THAT is why I succeed!"

– Michael Jordan

NO FEAR (of failure)

  •  Play free! Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.
  •  Learn from your mistakes (embrace them, don't endorse them)
  •  Grow, grow, grow - Always learn, always improve, always push ahead.