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Early Activity Wiffle Circle stopwatch 11:45-12:00 timer 15 Minutes
Wiffle Circle is an Early Activity drill that can be run during the 15-minutes prior to practice start time.  It can also be ran as a pre-game drill...Read More
notes Notes:
Get them excited and ready to go
Introductions Create Focus / Structure stopwatch 12:00-12:15 timer 15 Minutes
notes Notes:
Coach and players. Coaches talk - focus Have fun - play hard -work hard
Basketball lines Basketball Lines stopwatch 12:15-12:25 timer 10 Minutes
Basketball Lines - Rekindle your inner hoops player and get "on the line."  A simple change-of-direction move to train agility and condition athletes....Read More
notes Notes:
4 teams - sprints
Throwing bat & helmet Throwing the Bat stopwatch 12:25-12:35 timer 10 Minutes
Coach's Tip - Throwing the BatRead More
notes Notes:
No No water break
Throwing & catching Structured Catch Play stopwatch 12:35-12:55 timer 20 Minutes
Playing catch is the most important "drill" you will ever run as a coach! Structured Catch Play is more than just a drill.  It's actually more of an organized,...Read More
notes Notes:
Pop - Chest
Baserunning warmup Baserunning As Warmup stopwatch 12:55-13:10 timer 15 Minutes
Coach's Tip - Baserunning As Warm UpRead More
notes Notes:
60 foot bases - 3 sets cones/bases
water break Breaks stopwatch 13:10-13:15 timer 5 Minutes
Breaks are essentially steal first-movements, done without a lead.  For those athletes that can NOT leadoff, breaks work the athletic position at the...Read More
notes Notes:
wiffle circle 120 Minutes stopwatch 13:15-13:40 timer 25 Minutes
notes Notes:
5 swings - 3 batters. helmets/hats always on??
ground balls catching Ground Ball Quick Catch stopwatch 13:40-14:00 timer 20 Minutes
Ground Ball Quick Catch is a simple and effective drill to run during Quick Defense.  It helps to develop basic hands and feet baseball-athleticism and...Read More
notes Notes:
alligator and footwork for throwing
Work Hard / Life Lesson stopwatch 14:00-14:15 timer 15 Minutes
Work Hard It’s Hard Work to Work Hard There are many quotes, cliches, and stereotypes associated with hard work. With my Dad being from the Midwest and...Read More
notes Notes:
have fun - play hard. work hard