10/06/17 – 90 mins

Team Name
La Canada Spartans
Start Time
End Time
Warm Up 10/06/17 – 90 mins stopwatch 5:00-5:05 timer 5 Minutes
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Change of Direction stopwatch 5:05-5:10 timer 5 Minutes
Change of Direction is an Early Baserunning drill working athleticism.  Execute these movements to finish up the warm up and get heart rates up.  While...Read More
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Throwing 10/06/17 – 90 mins stopwatch 5:10-5:15 timer 5 Minutes
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Long Toss Comp Long Toss Competition stopwatch 5:15-5:20 timer 5 Minutes
Long Toss Competition is a fun throwing competition to run at the end of a throwing segment.  Teach, then throw, finish by competing.  This helps to...Read More
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  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Secondary & Read
stopwatch 5:25-5:35 timer 10 Minutes
Focus on secondarys and reading how to break or hold to go back to base.
Fundamentals: Rundowns
stopwatch 5:35-5:45 timer 10 Minutes
Start with Basics using a net proceed to a baserunner with a full pickle
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Baserunning Team D – 1st & 3rd Defense stopwatch 5:50-6:00 timer 10 Minutes
Baserunners on first and third bases is a common situation for offensive trickery.  Thus, it's an area of Team Defense that MUST be taught whenever runners...Read More
notes Notes:
Decide on practicing a called play for 1st and 3rd defense. Catcher Throws to crashing SS. SS either throws back home for the out or gets runner at 3rd into run down. This will be a called play to the defense. We decide to give up 2nd for now since we can't throw them out anyway. We'll call it Spartan D.
Finish 1st & 3rd Baserunning stopwatch 6:00-6:15 timer 15 Minutes
1st & 3rd Baserunning is a team defense drill to run during the baserunning segment of practice.  Your team will need to cover the 1st / 3rd situation...Read More
notes Notes:
Called play for 0 or 1 out, 1st base runner goes 6 hard steps and stops and tries to draw a throw. 3rd Base runner reads play and tries to score.
Leads & Breaks – Catcher Throws stopwatch 6:15-6:30 timer 15 Minutes
Leads & Breaks - Catcher Throws is run at the end of practice during the Baserunning segment.  It involves sprint work infused with leadoff fundamentals,...Read More
notes Notes:
Lots of catcher throws with a kid pitcher