06/03/2021 – 120 mins

Team Name
La Canada Spartans
Start Time
End Time
Warm Up Dyn Warm Up 8U #2 stopwatch 5:00-5:05 timer 5 Minutes
~ SEE "EXECUTION KEYS" BELOW FOR AGE-SPECIFIC SUGGESTION LIST ~ The Dynamic Warm Up is today's warm up routine.  Gone are the days of standing in a...Read More
notes Notes:
50% Jog, 75% Jog, Butt kickers, High knees, Karaoke, Sprints
Early Secondary Breaks stopwatch 5:05-5:10 timer 5 Minutes
Secondary Breaks allow baserunners to practice secondary movements and also what will become the delay-steal.  They are to be run during Early Baserunning...Read More
notes Notes:
Introduce a pitcher in front of the three lines. Demonstrate leaving the base with a shuffle at the release of the ball. Then sprinting.
Throwing Structured Catch Play stopwatch 5:10-5:15 timer 5 Minutes
Playing catch is the most important "drill" you will ever run as a coach! Structured Catch Play is more than just a drill.  It's actually more of an organized,...Read More
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Buffet Drill stopwatch 5:15-5:20 timer 5 Minutes
The Buffet Drill is most effectively run as a Quick Defense drill and combines four movements of baseball athleticism into a fun, quick activity.  Run...Read More
notes Notes:
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Stations (Groups rotate halfway through block)
Fundamentals: Ground Balls
stopwatch 5:25-5:35 timer 10 Minutes
Deangelo/Saul - Need 1st baseman or could have a kid you think is 1st base candidate catch a few.
Tag Plays
stopwatch 5:35-5:45 timer 10 Minutes
Need a couple of Dads to run.
Fundamentals: Pitching
stopwatch 5:45-5:55 timer 10 Minutes
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Home to First stopwatch 6:00-6:08 timer 8 Minutes
Home-to-First coaches the correct way to run through the first base bag.  As part of Baserunning or Conditioning, this drill can be run near the end...Read More
notes Notes:
Great infield hit baserunning drill and to watch for overthrows to go to 2nd. Use coaches to control kids in line and keep them focused.
Base Hit Turns stopwatch 6:08-6:15 timer 7 Minutes
A Base Hit Turn is the action taken by a baserunner while rounding first after a base hit.  The ball has reached the outfield safely, which means the...Read More
notes Notes:
Key is to put cones to force them to widen their turn and hit inside of the bag.
Scrimmage Scrimmage stopwatch 6:15-6:50 timer 35 Minutes
A scrimmage is a time for kids to put the hard work into action, and experience the pressure of competition.  Simulate game play by splitting into groups...Read More
notes Notes:
Positions Game w/Coach Pitcher - 4 on 4 on 4 - positions change each inning. keep score for each mini team. Include Catchers. Stealing.
  WATER BREAK (5min)  
Relay Races Relay Races stopwatch 6:55-7:00 timer 5 Minutes
Relay Races are a baseball friendly version of the standard relay race. Let's not make this more complicated that it is. Two equal lines, everybody runs,...Read More
notes Notes:
6 at 2nd Base against 6 at Home plate. Need coach at Home and 2nd to keep lines back from bases. 1 starts at Home and 1 starts at 2nd and goes all the way around. Group that gets all the way around the bases 1st wins. Each group sends one runner around the bases until they get back to 2nd/ Home.